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Pinot Grigio Collio Ronco Blanchis

In the province of Gorizia, on the border with Slovenia, lies the small Collio DOC zone. The marl and clay of the land, the sheltering Giulian Alps and the fragrance of the nearby Adriatic, are the secrets of the unmistakable character of these wines, to which the vintners add their own personal, historical touches. Thus are born the different varieties of the same commendable symphony. Ronco Blanchis is one of its most knowledgeable interpreters.

Well-balanced beautiful straw-coloured wine. The aromas are intense and characteristic. The flowery entry follows a virtual basket of tropical fruit accompanied by the aroma of bread and once again sweet flowers (honeysuckle, jasmine). In the mouth it is rounded, buttery and velvety. The melody opens and extends on the sweeter notes with freshness and tanginess with a very long finish. 

ABV 13.5%
Grape Variety Pinot Grigio
Size 750ml
Year 2015
Country Italy
Region Veneto

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Pinot Grigio Collio Ronco Blanchis

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